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E-Commerce Web Design

If you’ve just started your search to get an E-Commerce website built and set up your online business, or are looking at upgrading your existing site STOP!

The biggest mistakes you didn’t know existed generally happen in the stage you’re at right now.

Step 1 – You click through a few sites, call the companies with the sites in their portfolio you like the look of and then get a couple of quotes.

Step 2 – You then compare what everyone is telling you and do a basic comparison of features included and make sure that the site will include all the bells and whistles you’re looking for.

Step 3 – You choose best price, relative to what you want and who you liked the most out of your quotes.

Nothing sounds wrong with this right? WRONG! A web designer will tell you he will build you a great looking website “E-commerce” site, but on which platform? A closed CMS (Content Management System) or one that is proprietary to their agency, or one that is open and gives you the freedom to move your site to a new provider at any time?

Will the site be search engine friendly? Most designers will tell you “yeah everything we build is search engine friendly” but happen to ask them for some sites they have built which are ranking high for competitive keywords and they’ll be lost words.

There are many pitfalls in an ecommerce website, that unless directly addressed (which requires prior knowledge) can hinder your online venture from the get go.

How are we different?

Good question, we are 100% transparency in everything we do and strongly encourage all potential clients to do their research. We build Ecommerce sites on Magento, The #1 E-Commerce platform world-wide, it’s free and open source which means there are thousands of free plugins and gadgets which typically could cost you $10,000 through other web designers. It also means that you can take your site and get it updated by anyone in the future and aren’t reliant or locked to us.

It also means if you ever want to have a play around with the site yourself there are endless tutorials on how to do literally anything you want with a simple Google search.

As they say, the proof in the in the pudding and we have enough runs on the board to demonstrate we know exactly what we’re doing. From high converting Ecommerce sites to top search engine rankings for extremely competitive keywords – we’ve been there, done that and can prove it!

Magento Web Design & Development

Magento has quickly become the most popular ecommerce platform worldwide and roughly powers 85% of all ecommerce websites and online businesses. When it comes to ecommerce web design, we work exclusively with Magento – due to it’s feature-rich and robust performance.

Our in-house Magento web designers use the best practice conversion rate optimization design principles, to deliver you a website that converts browsers into buyers!

Take a look through our ecommerce web design portfolio, which boasts feature-rich and dashingly designed Magento websites that are converting right now. We can also help you with high-converting landing page design, from companies offering Electrical services to womans clothes online – we know what it takes to get results.

Ecommerce Web Development Melbourne

King Kong is a Melbourne based Web Design and Development firm specialising in Magento web development. We have an experienced team of Melbourne based web designers and developers. So whether you are a disruptive start up or an established business and are looking at partnering with a Melbourne based firm get in Touch.

Ecommerce Web Design Sydney

While King Kong is a Melbourne based Web Design and Development firm, we work with clients all over Australia – with a large concentration of those clients being based in Sydney. With the nature of our business being all online, it doesn’t particularly matter whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide or anywhere else in the world you may be.
Sydney siders are often impressed with our simplistic yet fresh and professional ecommerce web design and hence partner with King Kong rather than a Sydney based Magento Specialist.

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